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TRAVELOGUE: My First Morning Staying in Jeonju Hanok Village South Korea

 Time to Visit Jeonju?!

Just under 2 hours from Seoul, Jeonju is a must-visit destination! While many opt for a day trip, I highly recommend staying at least overnight. I spent 4 days in this charming city and booked a cute traditional hanok house right in the heart of JEONJU HANOK VILLAGE. Best location ever!

Here's a peek into what happened on my first morning staying in this delightful hanok house.


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TRAVEL EATS EPISODE 1: Jay Fai Cuisine Bangkok Thailand

Hey there, foodies! Welcome to the first episode of my vlog series, "Travel Eats"! Today, we're diving into the bustling streets of Bangkok, Thailand – the STREET FOOD CAPITAL of the world!

If you've seen the Netflix series "Street Food," you already know about Bangkok's very own culinary legend, Jay Fai. Despite earning a Michelin star, she still serves up her iconic dishes in her humble side-street eatery. In this episode, we'll be tasting her famous crab omelette and drunken seafood noodles. Trust me, it's as mouthwatering as it sounds!

I hope you enjoy this delicious adventure. Don't forget to hit that subscribe button and join me every week for more tasty travels!

Travel Journal: My Quick Getaway to Sokcho, South Korea

When thinking of a quick escape from Seoul, my research always pointed to Gangwon, specifically Sokcho. Planning an autumn trip? Seoraksan National Park is a must! So, Sokcho made it to my itinerary, and I planned to spend four days soaking in its beauty.


In the era of short-form content, I've decided to revive an old series on my YouTube channel called TRAVEL EATS!

Like many of you, a big part of my travel experiences revolves around discovering the perfect food that truly represents each city or country I visit. In this series, I'll be uploading fun and snappy 3 to 5-minute vlogs showcasing all the amazing food I've tried during my travels over the years (and yes, there are a lot of years to cover, haha). I hope you’ll join me on this delicious journey to foodie heaven!


Travel Journal: A Trip to the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone) From Seoul South Korea

DMZ Korea

As I mentioned in my previous blog
, I went on a solo trip to South Korea, but in the latter part of it, I was joined by some of my friends from the Philippines, and we toured Busan and Seoul together.

When I was searching for things to do in Seoul, one of the interesting activities that always popped up was a visit to the Demilitarized Zone, also known as the DMZ. Instead of doing it myself during the first leg of my Seoul trip, I asked my friends if they wanted to do it together. Apparently, it was also on their list, haha. So it was not a hard decision for us.

I skipped this and waited a few weeks before booking the tour. I met many people who had done the trip, and all of them raved about it. Some even said that our legs should be ready for the “Third Infiltration Tunnel” tour, which is the most challenging part of the tour.