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Where to Eat the Best Street Food Around The World

When you’re travelling, street food isn’t something to fear. It’s a great way of trying different foods on a budget. In many places around the world, trying some street food is on par with booking a table in one of the best restaurants. It’s just another way of treating yourself to the amazing culinary delights a place has to offer. So start making the most of it, and try some in these four countries, known for their great street food.

One top chef says street food, or hawker food as it’s known in Singapore, is “a national treasure, but an endangered one.” Instead of having several portions of the ever-popular chilli crab, he highlights Hainanese curry rice, chai tow kueh and prawn noodle soup amongst the most authentic local dishes to savour. Check out where he recommends getting them on The Guardian, and support traditional cooking on your visit.

[caption id="attachment_4731" align="alignnone" width="800"]singapore street food hawker dubai travel blog Laksa (a famous noodle dish in Singapore's hawker scene)[/caption]

If you’re someone who avoids street food for fear of being unwell, the Secret Traveller hopes to convince you to try some Balinese street food. It’s some of the best rare around, they say, even with the threat of Bali belly. To stay healthy, go to the vendors with the longest queues of locals and prepare yourself for something delicious.

[caption id="attachment_4734" align="alignnone" width="800"]es campur bali indonesia street food Es Campur being prepared along the street ( colorful sweetened fruits topped with shaved ice and milk)[/caption]
The UK

Across the UK, small villages and larger towns alike hold farmers’ markets every week, full of fresh food produce for you to take home and try. If you’re lucky, there’ll also be a couple of stalls selling breakfast rolls – with a choice of bacon, sausages and eggs.

[caption id="attachment_4730" align="alignnone" width="800"]london street food dubai travel blog London's West End area[/caption]

But it’s in the UK’s capital, London, where street food has really taken off. Across the city, you can try the best of cuisines from around the world. Falafels, burgers, mac and cheese – you name it, somewhere in London will have it on offer. If you’re not sure where to go first, check out this list of amazing street food markets from Hand Luggage Only.

India is famous for its street food options. In all of its great cities, you can easily get your hands on delicious delights for little cost. Indian food also has loads of great options for vegetarians. Vada Pao, for example, is the Indian version of a burger, consisting of a fried potato dumplings called vada served in a bun and topped with red or green chutneys and fried green chillies. For the best options, try it somewhere in Mumbai.

What street food have you tried? Share your recommendations with us.

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