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Top Things To Do When Visiting Penang, Malaysia


When visiting Malaysia,  it is a no brainer to explore Kuala Lumpur which is the country’s capital. But Malaysia is more that just KL. There are several amazing side trips that you can do when you are already in KL. 


One of the famous destinations that you can easily reach by bus, car or even a plane ride is Penang! 

 We are so lucky that this trip was included during my last visit in Malaysia. This is my second time to be in Penang Island, and I am not complaining.


If you love Malaysian food, then Penang is a must visit. It isn’t called as The Food Capital of Malaysia for nothing. Just the idea of indulging amazing and flavorful local Malaysian dishes is worth the visit.  


Your trip in Penang will center around its capital, Georgetown. Georgetown's city center has been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, highlighting its historical and cultural significance. 

The city boasts of  diverse communities, including Indian and Chinese immigrants, along with various other Malaysian populations. 

Because if this multicultural blend, we now enjoy Penang’s famous local cuisine, which showcases a fusion of flavors. 


The remarkable harmony among different cultures is a source of great pride for Penang.


When you explore Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia, you'll discover a wide range of activities to enjoy and fully experience the city's vibrant atmosphere. Here are some top suggestions for things to do in Georgetown:



Georgetown is famous for its captivating street art scene.  Aside from food, street art put Penang in the map of the must visit places for tourists. You can find them everywhere. From magnets, posters, shirts and even bags. 


Take a leisurely stroll and explore the charming murals and interactive installations adorning the city's walls. Look out for well-known pieces like "Children on a Bicycle" and "Little Children on a Bicycle," which have become iconic symbols of Georgetown.


If you are serious with your street art hunting (mainly the famous Penang murals), you can download a map showing their locations. 

Note: you’ll need some leg power as most of them are scattered in several places. 



Visiting Clan Jetties was my first encounter with the stories of Penang Clans. The history of these clans can be made into a very interesting docu-film. 


The Clan Jetties in Penang are captivating and historically significant settlements that offer a glimpse into the Chinese community's rich heritage.

Established in the 19th century by Hokkien immigrants, each jetty is named after the clan it belongs to and served as both residential and commercial spaces. Despite the challenges they faced, these jetties have retained their cultural identity and continue to thrive as living heritage sites. 


Today, visitors can explore the jetties, admire the colorful houses on stilts, and engage with the families to learn about their customs and way of life. 

The Clan Jetties are not just tourist attractions but close-knit communities that highlight the resilience and traditions of the Chinese community in Penang.


One of the most famous street in Georgetown is the Armenian Street. Located at the heart of Georgetown, Armenian Street is a vibrant cultural hub. 


The street is filled with hipster shops, boutiques and cafes that are housed in traditional historic houses. These houses are protected to maintain it’s integrity as a UNESCO Heritage site. 



The Penang Blue Mansion, also known as Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, is an extraordinary architectural treasure. It stands as a significant tourist destination, highlighting the city's cultural heritage. 


It recently made famous as a shooting location for the movie Crazy Rich Asians. 

Constructed by Cheong Fatt Tze, a prosperous Chinese merchant and politician, in the late 19th century, this mansion exemplifies a blend of Hakka and Cantonese architectural styles, showcased through its distinctive indigo-blue exterior, intricate woodwork, and elaborate decorations.


Today, the Penang Blue Mansion functions as a boutique hotel, museum, and cultural center, inviting visitors to explore its opulent interiors, tranquil gardens, and courtyards. 


When we visited, we got a guided tour which was helpful to understand the fascinating insights into the mansion's history, its architectural significance, and the life of Cheong Fatt Tze. 


The Cheah Kongsi Clan House in Penang is a significant heritage site that represents the cultural legacy of the Cheah clan. 

Photo from http://www.anagonzales.com

Visiting the Cheah Kongsi Clan House provides a captivating experience to learn about the clan's heritage and its role in fostering community ties.


It stands as a testament to the clan's historical importance and contributions. Constructed in the 19th century, the clan house showcases traditional Chinese architecture, featuring intricate carvings and vibrant colors. 


It serves as a communal space for clan members, offering prayer halls, ancestral halls, meeting rooms, and exhibition areas. The clan house not only preserves the clan's history but also serves as a dynamic cultural center, hosting various events and festivals that celebrate the customs and traditions of the Cheah clan. 


Penang Hill, is a renowned tourist destination in Penang, Malaysia, offering a serene hill station experience. 


Accessible via a picturesque funicular railway, it provides panoramic views of Georgetown and the coastline. 

A notable highlight is the Habitat, a nature exploration and conservation center, where visitors can embark on guided walks, explore well-maintained trails, and experience the rainforest's wonders. 

The Habitat's canopy walkway offers a unique opportunity to observe the rainforest from above. 


If you are looking for Penang’s backpacker and night life scene, a visit to Chulia Street is a must. At night, this historic street, transforms itself into a young traveler’s melting pot. 


After a full day of exploration, bars and clubs that line along Chulia street offers a place to chill and share stories to fellow travelers. 


Chowrasta Market is a lively and dynamic marketplace that offers a captivating insight into local culture and culinary delights. 


This historic market has long been a hub of trade and commerce in Penang, attracting visitors with its vibrant atmosphere and diverse array of goods. 

You can get budget friendly souvenirs and indulge yourself with amazing street food.  


The Rainbow Skywalk, situated at The Top Penang within Komtar Tower, is an exhilarating attraction that offers awe-inspiring panoramic vistas of Penang Island. 

Located on the 68th floor, this glass walkway extends from the side of the building, providing visitors with a thrilling experience and unobstructed 360-degree views of the city, coastline, and surrounding landscapes. 


Illuminated by vibrant LED lights, the Rainbow Skywalk creates a captivating and colorful atmosphere, particularly at night. 



Kek Lok Si Temple is a renowned Buddhist temple celebrated for its grandeur and size in Southeast Asia. Although we didn’t visit this temple during my recent trip, it will a shame if I will not mention it here. We went here on my first trip and I must say, it is such an architectural marvel. 


Perched on a hill in Air Itam, the temple offers breathtaking vistas of the surrounding area.  


Its architecture showcase a harmonious blend of Chinese, Thai, and Burmese architectural styles. The temple complex features notable structures like the Pagoda of Ten Thousand Buddhas and houses various prayer halls, shrines, and gardens. Of particular significance is the towering bronze statue of the Goddess of Mercy, a captivating symbol of compassion. 


A visit to Kek Lok Si Temple allows for the exploration of its spiritual and architectural marvels, while providing insight into the rich Buddhist heritage and cultural diversity of Penang.

These suggestions provide just a glimpse of the many activities available in Georgetown. There are still so many things that you can do in the city. Just simply walking around town is an attraction itself. 

Prepare to embrace the city's rich history, diverse culture, and delectable flavors as you embark on an unforgettable adventure through its streets. 

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