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Southern France Delight! Du melon et du jambon de Parme

One of my ultimate favorite entree when i was in France! Du melon et du jambon de Parme. The first thought of eating melon and cured pork ham blowed my mind but the first bite of this “favorite european summer dish”  made me feel like i am in a scene from ratatouille! I LOVE IT!..now i am hunting this here in the land of shawarma and hummus!


impulse buying and a lot of FAITH

It seemed as if everything happened so fast ( but believe me it was not). It was almost 3 months now since my BIG FRANCE-SPAIN-ITALY backpacking trip, i cant believe it— i don’t want it to be removed in my memory..i will share stories on my travel in future blog posts.— For the mean time i just want to share how it all started…. as the tittle suggested, It all started with an impulse buying! YES!!

I was walking by the mall and passed  by a north face shop and saw that it was on sale! didnt have any second thought..i entered confidently and fixed my mind that i will leave the shop with a back pack on my shoulders, what for?? hmmm..i still dont know, during that time all i knew was, i was drooling for this bag for ages (since college to be exact) and now that i have some money and it was on sale, I NEED TO BUY THEM!!…

Once i paid for it..it started to linger in my mind that it was an expensive bag, urgh.. as i left the store, on my way home i laid my hands on the bag and did a declaration!!!.. I WILL USE THIS BAG THIS YEAR!! THIS BAG WILL BECOME DIRTY AND FULL OF SCRATCHES FROM TRAVELING THE WORLD!!

…and YES by FAITH it did!!!


Back to Scribbling

wow!! i’ve been LOA-ing with blogging. Aside from being very busy for the past months, tumblr was blocked by our server—but now i am BACK!!!

I have been in a lot of adventures for the past few months and i will be sharing them in my future blogs.

There was my BIG EURO TRIP and growing SURAT JOURNAL business—these are mainly the things that i will be blogging (for the mean time, i really need to catch up.)

As i was walking on my way home, i just thought that in order to achieve my goal of “catching up” i need to blog almost every night before retiring to bed, the same as what i’ve been doing with my journal..so i will be starting with this blog—JUST TO SAY THAT I AM BACK!!! :D