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Kick Starting Europe -- Late Backpacking post

I know it has been months already, but I think I deserve a pass to blog about my back packing trip in Europe. I will be sharing the highlights of my trip in a series of blogs (so check on the travel link along the side menus—in the near future)

Traveling Europe will always be part of every gum-shoe’s bucket list. It started as a faith goal for me in 2012 and that goal happened (yey).

First thought of going to the city of Love was overwhelming—-but planning was dreadful. There were times that I was in tears, thinking of where to go, what to do—train connections and squeezing my BUDGET. But then again, as I started with a strong faith, this encouraged me to stay strong and trust God (and truly He provided—will share this in a different post).



Our intern, Sebastian, really helped a lot. He gave me some cool perspective on what to do and where to go. He was so kind also to offer me a place to stay in the South of France (if he’s not in Paris that time).

The moment that I received my visa, I rushed in confirming all my bookings (planes, trains and accommodations). I made sure that I will try all types of accommodations.

Just like a true backpacker, I prepared only one backpack (my brand new North Face bag) and a handy satchel to carry along around every city I will visit—-I decided to bring my Adidas classic canvass shoulder bag, because it is light. I have my camera, hat, map application on my phone , Surat Journal and enough clothes to go around (and be a fashionista around Paris).

My first destination, PARIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Useful tips in preparing

o   Check all blogs related to the place you will visit. Just make sure to note the top 5 priority sites you want to visit. (for sure you will not be able to go to all the places they will mention, but at least you will be able to visit the BEST—as per your priority list)

o   Check out a number of travel booking sites, this will help you compare flight and hotel fares. I got good rates from www.cleartrip.ae and got good accommodation insights in www.airbnb.com and www.booking.com

o   Ask friends who already went to the place you will visit. This is really helpful (more than the internet).

o   Do not over pack! Just clothes you can use for a good 3 days (then wash them)—washing will be a challenge though. –Also, lifts are really not a thing in Europe.

o   Don’t panic about maps—you can get them in any information center inside the airport.

o   Check online if there are special promos/ passes for people staying for a few days in every city you will visit (note not all promos and passes are beneficial)

o   ENJOY!—you will be visiting one of the best places in the world—just try to look forward seeing the beauty that these places will offer!


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