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My Dubai Food Blog : The Farm

If you told me months back that I will be having brunch in the middle of the desert with a very tropical environment, I will tell you right away “ARE YOU KIDDING?”.

But as we all know, everything is possible in Dubai.We drove around (somewhere along) Emirates Road and found this amazing “brunch haven”.

The Farm makes you feel as if you are dining in one of the posh tropical restaurants (with a modern and western touch) in the world. Coupled with a perfect weather and breeze this place is a perfect place to relax, dine and have a good chat with friends (i miss this kind of place).

As a designer, the ambiance of the place always add up to the “i like it” factor. The Farm so far is up there in my Top List.

When we arrived, they have handed us an Ipad which I was hoping to be a souvenir, but sadly it was their menu (genius). The food was amazing also, which includes a nice vegetable chip to munch on while waiting for our orders.




The food was just fine, a bit on the pricey scale, but all in all it was a great experience. During the time the we have visited, the service was a bit of a downgrade (hoping that it was just that time—let’s give them the benefit of the doubt this time).

Would I recommend this place? YES!—-and i think I will go back there before the nice weather will leave us.

Check out the link to know more about The Farm


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