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The Traveling Journal Project: one journal on a mission to see the world!

As a globetrotter, and being the journal aficionado that I am, my travel journal has been my one constant companion to every destination. In it are my experiences, memories and other fascinating tales.

And I am happy to have found many a kindred spirit, as photos of Surat Journals have surfaced from all over the world – Paris, Rome, Barcelona, The Grand Canyon and even the ancient Machu Pichu.

These are but a fraction of the sights that these journals have seen with their authors yet have been reason enough to spark an idea and give birth to The Traveling Journal Project

The Traveling Journal Project

One journal on a mission to see the world, passing on the wonders of adventure from one explorer to the next.

Join the odyssey

“To unpathed waters, undreamed shores.” William Shakespeare

A little blank book has been sent halfway across the globe, waiting to see where the itchy feet of traveling folks will take them, discover the languages of worlds unknown and share the journey of as many free souls would have it; it will be known as The Traveling Journal.


  • Say hello to your new travel buddy as you set off to your destination of choice.

  • Make fun memories. Write. Scribble. Draw. The pages are yours to use.

  • Capture the moment. Photos are always welcome at www.facebook.com/suratjournal and please allow us to witness every journey by using #TheTravelingJournalProject and #SuratJournals on Instagram and Twitter.

  • Pass it on. When it’s time, entrust it in the hands of a fellow traveler who will take it further on its journey.


  • Only the current keeper of The Traveling Journal knows where it will end up in. If you haven’t come across it yet, be patient and be alert, it may come your way at any time.


  • Share its whereabouts. We would love to see photos of The Traveling Journal from every corner of the planet. So if you happen to come upon it by any chance, please take a photo with its keeper and share it with us.

It’s time to unleash your wanderlust. Help our little blank book travel the world. And let us all travel with it one page at a time. This is the The Traveling Journal Project

 PS: If you have your own travel journal, please join us by using #MyTravelingJournalProject and #SuratJournals hashtags

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