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Broadway Here I Come!


I can say that what I was most excited of about our trip in NYC was visiting BROADWAY! I’ve been dreaming of walking along the street of Broadway and feel overwhelmed by the parade of theater acts being shown at every corner. 

Being a musical theater lover, I was tasked to choose which show to watch. It was actually a no brainer, the obvious choices are always between Wicked or The Lion King, but I have seen both and one of my friends watched Wicked already (and one of them is planning to watch it this December at the West End). 

I checked my “Musical Bucket List” and I narrowed down my choices into these (considering my friends of course): It will either be ONCE, Matilda or Pippin. Musicals like Kinky Boots and The Book of Mormons although these are really good (won the Tony’s and all) but these are too much “out there” for them. 

After a little ‘here and there’ we have all decided that we will be going for ONCE. Yey, I’ve been wanting to watch this ever since I heard that they are doing a musical theater adaptation of the movie.


We got a tip that if we want to get up to 50% off from our tickets, which normally costs $150 we should try to buy it in the TKTS booth. You can buy discounted tickets if you will get a same day show, compared to buying tickets online or in the box office. Buying tickets in TKTS have some risk though, that is why they are asking you to prepare a tleast 2 shows in mind, a show you want to watch and an alternative (in case it is already full). It is located at the heart of Times Square, although the lines are very long it is moving fast. 

We have decided to go in this route. Me and my friend Zheena was task to do the leg work for this. We had a boo boo moment but in the end we were able to get tickets with a 30% off from it’s original price! (Perfect)


Lining up, I felt like someone who’s going to see his crush in school. I can’t contain my excitement! I WILL BE WATCHING A BROADWAY MUSICAL IN BROADWAY!!! (faint)


The casts headed by Arthur Darvill and Joanna Christie were superb! It was a totally different kind of musical. I love that the full set up of the show involved the audience. If you are thinking of watching this, be sure to arrive atleast 15-20min earlier as the casts are jamming up already while the audience were invited to go on the stage and order some drinks (a real operational bar on stage!). 

The show was touching accompanied by a number of heart felt songs. ‘Falling Slowly’ never fails to put a tear on my eye. The night ended with a full standing ovation and the theater was embraced by loud a  applause and shout from musical fans and accidental audiences.

I am happy with my first Broadway experience. I am claiming that I will have more of this coming soon! 


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