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Travel Tips: The Cheapest Way to Get Around New York!!

As a first time visitor to New York City (and the USA), I knew already that I need all the help that I could get.

Just like the time that I traveled Europe, I did my research and of compared packages upon packages (the hardest was Paris). In places heavily trafficked with tourists, discount passes for famous attractions will surely be available (and for sure New York has something to offer)

As I browsed the internet, It was not hard to see different travel packages..the real work was choosing which one. There were two discount passes that stood out, the New York City Pass and the New York Pass. After carefully comparing them and considering the span of our stay (we are staying only for 4 days), we have decided to get the New York City Pass!..and we are all happy we did.

Basically, the New York City pass saves you almost 40% on admission to six of the most famous attractions in the City. The Empire State, MET, MOMA and Statue of Liberty to name a few. Check out their full list and rate in their website.

These are basically the sites that we wanted to see in our short stay in the Big Apple. If you have seen my old blogs, I have posted stories and photos of these attractions.

I love that it is valid for 9 days, meaning we can take our time planning which attraction to go to and not rush and run just to get our money’s worth (which is the case of the New York Pass).

For those who are planning on a short stay in New York, I highly recommend getting The New York City Pass, not only that you will save a lot from entrance fees, but you will save a lot of time by skipping (the never ending) lines.

Have stress free holiday!!! ^^

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