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#TheTravelingJournalProject: Inside The Pages!

How are you passing the information to the next keeper? Will they not just throw it or keep it for themselves? People often asked me these questions (and more) whenever I tell them about this project.

These are indeed very valid questions, and believe me, I asked myself these over and over again, how to pass the information around and make the (new) keeper/s embrace the project to help our journal with its mission (to travel the world).


Aside from this blog, our FB page and instagram account, I did jazz up the first few pages with welcome messages and instructions. Equipped with a tracking map (no..it’s not a GPS), and my very first journal entry as the first keeper.



Also, the keeper has a big role in passing the information, and I think our current keeper is doing a great job in doing so! I am getting excited to get new updates on where it is now.

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