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Our Future Ancestral Home! All For My Beautiful Lola

There is a saying in our field (architecture), that the worst client you’ll ever encounter is your family. Well, I surely had a taste of that.

Clients in general are a bit of a handful, but when they are family, there is a bigger push. Creating a design for my grandma’s house that can fit the whole ‘Bonuan’ clan (if we thought of going for a vacation at once) was a bit stressful, with my full time job, my business and activities on the side, it was hard to have it squeezed in from the beginning. 

The beauty about this project though, is that I know that I am doing it for the person (people) I love. In fact, the enthusiasm of the whole family was contagious, and to see them happy makes me happy also (naks!).

This house is a project of the whole clan, we decided to buy the lots around our ancestral house and build a huge house that can fit all of us. Most of us are outside the Philippines and we though it will be nice to have a place to stay whenever we thought of going back for a vacation.

Also, my lola (grandma) being the queen of the family (hihi) can’t stay in a small shack, it should fit such royalty.


With three architects in the family, we have came up with a good plan (basically it was really my uncle who did all the work, he is really good). With inputs coming from my aunts in Canada and Australia, I think we managed to achieve our dream ancestral house.

I am excited for this project to be finished and see everyone again back in the Philippines.

I have finished a draft of the exterior, and I must say, I am liking it!


Next stop, I will do a design for the interiors. I’ll post them soon…first I need to find a day to squeeze it! ^^


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