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Travel Blog: I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!! An Intro to the City!

After Orlando, I jumped westward and flew via Delta to San Francisco! Yey.

Although it was sad to leave my newly found friends from Florida, I must say, I was really excited to come to San Francisco. Here, I will be meeting 2 of my long time friends whom I haven’t seen after our graduation (year will not be mentioned).

We have been exchanging emails for months just to polish our itinerary. (I will be posting our itinerary spreadsheet in my next SF post.)

From the scorching sun of Florida, I was welcomed by a chilling breeze of San Francisco. I wasn’t prepared for this, I was advised that it will be cold, but not freezing.


After arriving from the airport, my friends Clarie and DF picked me up. Df came from Virginia and she arrived a few hours earlier than me.

They already ate at a nearby Filipino restaurant and they had a ‘sisig’ takeaway for me. YEY.

Our friend Clarie lives in Bay Point California which a bit of a ride from San Francisco, so we thought of using this time to explore a bit of San Francisco before crashing in to her house.

I love San Francisco, did I already mentioned that this is so far my favorite US city? The architecture is beautiful. If New York gave me the architectural wonders, San Francisco provided the panache that I’ve been searching for. They are not overwhelming like here in Dubai, just the right amount of flare and beauty.

The winding and sloping streets of San Francisco gave me a bit of a scare though, you really need a strong break pads to survive driving in this city.

Our first tourist destination stop was the famous Coit Tower. This tower offers a great 360 view of the city and the bay. You can see the famous Golden Gate Bridge and The Bay Bridge from here.

The line was a bit slow moving because we were only served with one (very vintage) elevator. Once, you made it to the top, you will really enjoy the view.

It was nice that this was our first stop. We got a full view of our playground for the next few days.

The Coit Tower

At The Observation Deck

The Bay Bridge

San Francisco City Skyline

We also took this time to visit another famous attraction here in San Francisco. The Victorian Houses! We went to the Alamo Square. Our  initial goal was to look for the house in the TV show ‘Charmed’ but with no luck,we found ourselves standing in front of a more worthy site, the famous, Painted Ladies, or sometimes called as the Six Sisters.

According to http://www.aviewoncities.com

"For Americans over 30, these magnificent Victorian homes are easily recognizable from the opening moments of the 1990s sitcom, Full House. For other visitors, however, they are simply recognized as exquisite homes painted in colorful hues, incredibly well-preserved and a joy to view. You can find the homes facing the park on Steiner Street."

They are indeed exquisite and beautiful. Aside from these, residential architecture in San Francisco in general represents the thriving art scene of this magnificent city.

Our last stop before we head home and rest, was the world famous crooked road ( Lombard Street). It’s amazing how a street can packed a lot of tourist taking photos of cars trying their luck in maneuvering their way out of this road (needless to say that the traffic here is terrible).

All in all our introduction to this artistic city was very promising. I am excited to share where we’ve been and things we’ve discovered. I spent almost 4 days in San Francisco and I can’t wait to go back and explore the city more.

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Travel Blog: I LOVE SAN FRANCISCO!!! An Intro to the City!

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