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As most of us are aware of the on going worldwide viral campaign called the ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE (unless you are living under the rock of course), my cousin Kyley from Canada (hence the term 'worldwide') nominated me to participate in this cause......I thought I will just donate, but to keep the ball rolling and to continue spreading the word, after I made the donation, I decided to get a bucket, fill it with water, break some ice cubes and dump it on my head.

To know more about this cause please check out: alsa.org/fight-als/ice-bucket-challenge.html

Now to further spread it worldwide I nominate the following people: My Norwegian friends (my best b Andre and Ingvild), my Parisian friend Lyes and to all members of Bloggers In The City. You all have 24hrs to respond after watching this clip (donate and fill up those buckets ^^) and keep the ball rolling!

Aside from ASLA.ORG please take time to check the following causes as well:
REAL LIFE FOUNDATION: igivetolife.com/
RHINOS W/O BORGERS: trevolta.com/rhinos
GAWAD KALINGA: gk1world.com/home
HABITAT FOR HUMANITY: habitat.org/ame

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