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How to Start Your Own Travel Blog

Even without the potential of monetary gain, everyone who loves to travel should start a travel blog. There is no better way to collect your memories and stories together for a lifetime than working on putting it together through a collection of posts and even videos. By doing this, you are creating the single best souvenir you could possibly have. Memories fade, but your recollections of the day and the photos and videos you take will be forever. You can reminisce, and as you review what you’ve written and filmed, you too will remember better. To start your own travel blog, follow these steps:
Create a Website

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If you are a budget traveler, there are free website options out there that will be the perfect fit for you. These options, of course, will have limited storage space meaning you will have to post your photos elsewhere, like Instagram or Facebook, but for written content, they will be your best solution. If you want to have your own domain name, rather than a hosted name, however, opt for a third-party hosting company that will give you more control and more storage space. From there you should install WordPress, and choose a theme that perfectly captures who you are. Update frequently and for yourself, and you’ll have the perfect time capsule of your journeys.
Social Media

We all likely have accounts on every big social media platform out there, but what is important for when you travel is to update them so that you can more accurately portray your travels. Be real and honest on Instagram, and use it as a photo diary you can share with your friends or even with the world. These platforms are excellent for drawing in new readers as well, which is why diversifying and posting on all of them can help you achieve the following you need to get sponsorships.

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One of the biggest and best ways to do this is through video. If you can create compelling stories through your own video platform, you have a commodity that can be easily marketed to companies who would potentially sponsor you. At the very least, you will have real moments captured in time to remember forever. That being said, you will want to make your YouTube page look as professional as possible in order to get as many viewers as possible. That is why you need to create a YouTube banner, a logo, and work on formatting your page through different albums to make your account look professional.

Between your social media and your website, you should be able to capture your journeys in many different formats. This means that you will have a great time capsule for later in life when you want to reminisce about your travels. By documenting your journey for this purpose, you can keep having fun. It is only when you are trying to do it for someone else that the task can become a chore. Do it for you and your memories, and you will be able to enjoy each day and have the energy to work recording it at night in a diary.

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