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I was Asked: What is Your Favorite Travel Destination?

Food. Culture. Popular landmarks. Bucket list. These are the easy keywords that describe our travel plans to our would-be favorite destinations. But then, every destination can be a favorite. Every place has its own charm and exquisiteness that make our experience certainly memorable. I have flown to 39 countries and visited countless cities…and yet, I don’t have any plans to stop. I want to keep exploring! So, I have often been asked, “What is your favorite travel destination?”

In my head, it’s pretty straight forward to choose Norway. I am in love with Norway (there I said it!). Everything about this place is just perfect for me. I have already visited Norway twice and I always want to go back. One of the best memories I have in Norway is our challenging trek to Trolltunga. The five-hour trek was not easy, yet every step we took was all worth it, while being basked into the beautiful Norwegian landscape.



France, specifically Paris, is also a favorite. Although travelers may have a love-hate relationship with Paris, mine is simply ‘love at first sight.’ It sounds cliché, but the moment I saw the Eiffel Tower, tears automatically rolled down my cheeks. The view was just perfect. With a hint of the reddish-purple sunset sky, everything went slow-motion (no kidding, I heard music as well). After this, I have visited Paris 5 times already, and in one of those trips I even stayed there for an entire month. I really consider Paris as one of my homes away from my own home.



And the list goes on – Laos Hungary, Germany….ICELAND! You see, after realizing it, whether booking  cheap flights to somewhere in South East Asia or snagging a first-class ticket to New York, a place will instantly become a favorite destination not mainly because of your initial plans and expectations. What makes a destination a favorite and special is the people we meet along the way. It is how we connect with people who speak different languages, eat different food, and see the world in different ways. Traveling lets us build friendships and create lasting memories of your ‘favorite’ place.



A picture perfect moment with your family, friends, hostel roommates, bus mates and even strangers you just randomly meet on a “free walking tour” will last for a lifetime. I always go back to the time when I spent hours in line buying ticket to enter Château de Versailles where I met two of my now closest French buddies, or that time we hunted for the Northern Lights around Iceland’s Ring Road sharing a car with a backpacker from Ukraine...or spending Christmas in the Philippines with the whole family after years of not seeing them. These are what make a destination a favorite of mine. The treasures that I keep, my lifetime souvenirs. PEOPLE = PRICELESS MEMORIES.

How about you? What is your favorite travel destination and what is your best memory about that place?

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