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I’ll be honest, I haven’t touched a desktop for years! The last time I used a desktop was during the time that I was still working in Dubai as a Senior Designer in a design firm.  Since I downscale (my professional life haha) and been traveling a lot for the past years and left the corporate world,  became a laptop type of guy. I was always on the move.

Nowadays though, that I have been staying in the country, like almost everyone of us, I have been working a lot with decoration projects and there are times that I need to create layout and presentations to clients and my “trusty” laptop at times is struggling to perform some tasks that I need to do. 

I know most of you will agree especially designers who are now working at home (WFH) and rely heavily on the power of their gadgets that sometimes you are wishing to have your ultra powerful and top grade office desktop with you.

Now that most of us are using our homes as temporary offices, one of the big tasks that we have do is to find the perfect computer for your presentations, spreadsheets, designs and yes, video conferencing.

As someone who isn’t a techie (but knows a thing or two when it comes to technology) I look for a device that is fast, powerful and with a big storage capacity. These are the main factors that I consider in choosing a gadget. As a designer myself, lags and slow device performance contribute to being unproductive for the day.

That is why, when Lenovo Philippines let me try their Thinkstation P330, I didn’t hesitate. I said yest right away. I was very curious to experience how desktops are powerful nowadays. With the age of virtual reality and instant 3d renderings desktops truly improved a lot.


The Lenovo Thinkstation P330 is an entry-level workstation that is known for its speed. It is regarded as the cheetah of workstations!

As someone who isn’t techie, when it comes to choosing for computers, the things that I look for are power, speed, connectivity ( I need multiple usb ports and card readers!! Haha) and aesthetics (of course being IG worthy is a must).

For this unboxing, I will let you know some of the features that I find interesting and also things that I understand. For technical specifications, I will be pulling information from the official Lenovo Website to help you know more about this device.

Watch my unboxing vlog below:


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