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the GREAT SHANGHAI adventure

Well well..i think this is the highlight of my stay here in SHANGHAI…

it happened the weekend of MAY 17 and 18….

i saw a blog in the internet by slcboston (thanks thanks) entilted HOW TO SIGHT SEE IN SHANGHAI ON FOOT

so i thought..why not??

so here’s what’s on the blog.

"if you’re planning on visiting Shanghai, then you already know it’s really a large city. But the good news is that, much of it is accessible on foot, provided you’re willing to do a little walking (yep yep ..i am willing hehe)…Arm yourself with a good map , usually found at one of the better hotels, plan accordingly, and you can have a fun day without spending much on transportation.


things you need:
-a good map (check)
-local currency (check)
-good walking shoes (check)

1. Start in people’s square. you can get there via the metro (subway) system in shanghai, which makes it a convenient starting point ( i printed a map of the subway…ayus). there are a number of things to see, including the pigeons which were specifically imported to be in display in the square.

2. From the square, hear over to Nanjing Road. you’ll want to head towards the river, which is easy enough to find because its between People’s Square and the Bund, Nanjing Road is pedestrial only. its very wide, and there are a lot of shops and resto, as its one of Shanghai’s major shopping centers

3. At the far end of Nanjing Road, where the pedestrian only access stops and the traffic starts, is a semi-famous statue of, essentially ,shoppers. lots of people, both tourists and locals , will be taking their pictures here, so no reason for you not to do so as well.

4. you’ll now be at the Bund, the historic side of the river in shanghai. there are plenty of old buildings here to photograph, though most of them have been refurbished on the inside (hhmmmm i think they need my architectural conservation skills here..). you can also walk along the river here.

5. cross the river. the easiest way to do that is to either take the ferry, or pay the money for the sight seeing tunnel under the river (i did the tunnel cause i can’t find the ferry). the ferry is cheaper. and its a better value, as you get to see both sides of shanghai at once

6. now you’re in Pudong (still shanghai, but the other side of he river). Its more upscale, and there’s less traditional tourist things to do, but the tallest building in the world is under construction there , as well as the shanghai’s iconic pearl tower.

During my little adventure, I met a lot of people. This is what I love about traveling. Meeting people and listening to their own adventures also.

Really tiring but all worth it! So if you are planning to tour around Shanghai, i gladly recommend this.

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