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Food Blog: Cafe Arabi Abu Dhabi

I have been dreaming to have a place like this. A cafe and a bakeshop in a very homey environment. In my case, i want to have an artist studio with an array of canvass—empty and painted— and furniture that i personally designed and created

ok—nuff about my dream.

Cafe Arabia, embodies part of my dream, but fell short on the whole homey feel..it’s almost there. The moment you entered the patio, I thought I will be smelling the scent of freshly baked carrot cake but instead i got fried fish being served for lunch. I ordered an apple cake and cinnamon milk tea and it was still so-so. Although the food was not that nice, i still recommend this place if you just want a place to hangout and chill after a long day from work (if you’re from abu dhabi) or to rest after long hours of driving from a road trip.


surfing--- not the net!

There’s always a first time. And last weekend, it was my first time to try riding the waves! As soon as they announced that waves will hit Dubai last Friday we started packing our rash guards (mine still with tags—such a newbie) and planned our way to the beach for the weekend!

It was awesome, as an anti-sun and pro-sunscreen and papaya soap guy, I really need a worthy reason on why I should stay under the sun—and this is one of them. I planned to just stay in the beach for an hour, I ended up surfing for 3 hours. –and looking forward for the next set of waves!


—-now is the time to look for a surf board (2nd hand hahaha)—-