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Dralion --Happy Chinese New Year


It was my first time to watch Cirque du Soleil. I always wanted to watch one. The last time that they went to Dubai was I think 3 years ago, my friend asked me to come, but I was not that interested back then. When I watched a documentary of Varekai (one of their shows) I decided that watching Cirque du Soleil should be part of my bucket list.

I waited, and thought that the following year, the whole crew will return..but only after 3 years. Whew! It was indeed a long wait! I felt envious that in the Philippines, for the past couple of years they enjoyed 2 greats Cirque du Soleil acts. The moment that I heard that finally it will come again to Dubai, I told myself, I will not miss this!—perfect way to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

We caught the 10pm show and to my surprise, being on its 2nd week (and considering that is was very late at night) there are still a lot of people getting in line. We actually thought that we will be located very far from the performance area. Good thing, it was not a huge hall. Eventhough we were not that close, we were not that far either. It’s just right for us to enjoy the show—though at parts I have a large truss column blocking my sight


The show started with 3 clowns being clowns, then forced a volunteer from the audience to introduce the show. They constantly bug this particular guy. At first I thought, whew, this guys is such a sport..then it seemed as if, he is too sport, that I started thinking that everything was part of the act (well it’s up for you to find out!)

A little background:

“Fusing the 3000 year-old tradition of Chinese acrobatic arts with the multidisciplinary approach of Cirque du Soleil, Dralion draws its inspiration from Eastern philosophy and its never-ending quest for harmony between humans and nature. The show’s name is derived from its two emblematic creatures: the dragon, symbolizing the East, and the lion, symbolizing the West.

In Dralion, the four elements that govern the natural order take on a human form. Thus embodied, each element is represented by its own evocative colour: air is blue; water is green; fire is red; earth is ochre. In the world of Dralion, cultures blend, Man and Nature are one, and balance is achieved.” -—taken from www.cirquedusoleil.com


The acts were amazing! My favorite was the trampoline act. It seemed as if they were flying and walking on walls—-my childhood dream


All in all it was a superb show, a few down sides though –I saw wire support on the medusa act (this made it less impressive). And there are a few acts that was not shown, if I base it in their official website, namely, hoop diving and single hand balancing.—correct me if I just missed this. 

I will totally recommend everyone to watch this! At around 15min before midnight, my eyes told me to sleep, but a spectacular act after one spectacular act made forcing my eyes not to shut down all worth it.

Dralion is still running in Dubai till the 17th of Feb 2013 in Dubai World Trade Center. To get tickets and to know more about it you can check http://www.cirquedusoleil.com or go directly to http://platinumlist.net

-Photos from google images.  

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