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My Dubai Event and Fashion Blog: The Age of the Graphic Tees - URSOM's Grand Launching

Who doesn’t love a good T-shirt? If I have a choice, I will wear it everyday, even at work. People are always drawn to comfort and a T-shirt (cotton shirt) is indeed comfort at its basic form—oooh deep

Graphic tees have been around for quite some time now. I still remember, back in my college days,I always get fascinated seeing shirts with prints such as “Tummy illfigure” instead of Tommy Hilfiger and “GI Jose” as a Mexican/Filipino spoof of GI Joe.  They are brilliant—and funny.

Aside from the spoof graphic shirts, with the age of digital printing, having a very intricate art print on a shirt is not a problem anymore.  

Now, T-shirts are not only a piece of clothing, but also another form of canvass where we can express ourselves and where fashion can become an expression of one’s passion.

I was totally intrigued when a friend of mine linked me an article from Gulf News reporting that a new T-shirt brand will be launching here in Dubai, where artists can have their artworks printed (and get a percentage of the sales). Since I just started doing some fashion blogs, I was interested to know how this brand came into being.


 Ursom (which means draw in Arabic) – according to an article from art in the city, is the first e-commerce site that sells designer T-shirts by artist from across the Middle East. — bridging the gap between the worlds of art and fashion. Printed on high quality T-shirts with state of the art equipment, Ursom operates the entire production line out of Dubai

To read the full article clink on this link: http://www.artinthecity.com/en/articles/post/2013/02/12/ursom-celebrates-the-launch-of-its-website-with-regional-artists-and-designers/512/?cct=119&ccid=512


(Sample graphic tees. Showcased by hanging them around the venue on clothes line.)



What I love about Ursom is that the idea is so simple but brilliant. T SHIRT + ARTIST = EXCELLENT GRAPHIC SHIRTS.  This is perfect with the emerging artist communities in Dubai.



(With my brother —there is a story behind this). What am i wearing: 21 Men cardigan, black skinny jeans from TopMan, scarf from Urban Behavior, leather bag from Ted Baker.


(With Ursom’s co-founder, Luma.)


(yey—food. What a treat!)

The event was simple. I was able to talk to one of the co-founders, Luma, who told me that they wanted the event to be as casual as possible—and it did turn out to be so. The place was full of artists and promising entrepreneurs eager to have a glimpse of the T-shirts being showcased during the event. –The venue was also awesome! (and I will do a separate blog about it)

I can’t wait to submit my design to Ursom and have someone wear it (and pay )


You can check out what they have in their online shop by checking their website at http://ursom.com/. As of the moment T-shirts are available AED 120 each.

Photos from Ursom Official FB page and Zheena Vergara Photography


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