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#TheTravelingJournalProject: New Keepers and The Amazon

"Hey Kenneth! Here you got the traveling journal in Amazon in Ecuador! This is a waterfall nearby the lodges we lived at with the Quichua family that hosted us in the jungle. #TravelingJournalProject”

This is the caption that we got from Ingvild, the current keeper of #TheTravelingJournalProject.


The moment I saw this post in our FB page, my heart jumped with excitement and I can’t believe that our little journal had traveled 3 continents already.

An introduction from their blog goes like this;

"Vi reiste fra Los Angeles natt til 31. august, og et døgn senere ankom vi Ecuador. På veien mellomlandet vi i Guatemala, Costa Rica og Colombia.(We traveled from Los Angeles the night of 31 August and a day later we arrived in Ecuador. On the road between we landed in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Colombia.)”


As part of their Amazon adventure, they lived along with the locals and learned their way of living. This is what I like most when I travel, to be part of the community, know their culture and embrace their environment. Things might be very different from their way of life but will soon (if not right away) discover that you can find treasures in everything (all we need is a little appreciation).



As i read through their blog (click this link) , it is in Norwegian so there is a need for the handy dandy google translate, I immediately added this part of the world in my bucket list and faith goals. 

For the next few days, #TheTravelingJournalProject will be in South America enjoying the very colorful Latin culture!

Follow Ingvild and Andre’s journey in www.yolotrip.wordpress.com

Photos courtesy of www.yolotrip.wordpress.com

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