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#TheTravelingJournalProject: GAME ON!

Most of you have known that Surat Journals recently launched a project called #TheTravelingJournalProject. It is where one journal is on a mission to travel the world (with the help enthusiastic travelers from all over the world).

Click this link for to read more about this project: #TheTravelingJournalProject

As the owner of Surat Journals I had the privilege to be the first keeper of The Traveling Journal. Being a self confessed travel junkie, I instantly thought of getting a photo of the journal in one of the most celebrated structures here in the UAE.

I already had a photo of the Burj Khalifa (see this link), so I decided to take a photo along the Burj Al Arab.

When the tallest tower in the world was not yet constructed, this 7 star hotel reigns supreme throughout the UAE (and in my opinion still is). With the inviting beach background, this is the perfect place to kick start our little journey.


After scribbling a bit of my thoughts on the journal to share to the rest of the future keepers, it is time for me to move on and pass it (believe it or not, it was a bit hard to give it to someone — I have a bit of an attachment issues).

I wrapped the journal and pass it to the next keeper —— all the way to the sunny CALIFORNIA! I sent it to The Hollywood Youth Hostel in Los Angeles hoping that it will arrive on time when the next keeper will check in.


After a few days of waiting (and hoping that it will not get lost), I received this photo in our Surat Journal FB page with this caption:

"Your Traveling Journal Project is ON!!!"


And so it is!

We have received more updates on where the journal has been traveling for the past weeks and all we can say is WOW! We will be giving more updates in this blog and also in our facebook page, instagram and twitter page.

Do you want to be the next keeper of #TheTravelingJournalProject? Send us a comment below and tell us why!


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