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Event and Travel Blog: #GO! EN2013 World Conference

After our brief New York escapade, we flew from the big apple to the sunshine state. Although part of me didn’t want to leave New York that soon, I was still very excited to go to Florida to attend our church’s World Conference.

(here’s a teaser video for the Every Nation World Conference 2013)

I think I blame our church, Every Nation for my itchy heart to travel the world. Meeting our “spiritual families” from different parts of the globe made me feel that the world is for us to explore and I should visit all my so-called brothers and sisters in their respective hometowns. During my past travels in Shanghai, Beijing and Bangkok they have been my voluntary tour guides—and they were really good!    

Most of us stayed in the Walt Disney World Dolphin Hotel. Because we are having our conference in their ballroom, it was very convenient for us to stay there (and we got good guest discount). I can say that for our stay (and purpose) it was all worth it, although there were other cheaper hotels and apartments around I was happy with our decision.

I love that the hotel has a lot of outdoor amenities. Me and my friend always visited the pool and do some laps before the morning conference sessions started. It was a great avenue also to meet other delegates (at least the early bird ones). 

During the last conference (2010) our theme was ‘Come Together’ and this year it is ‘GO’. I love how simple it is but very powerful. 

Several talks/preachings by speakers from Every Nation churches all over the world stresses out that WE SHOULD GO! Go to the NATIONS! Go to the NEEDY! Go to the NEXT GENERATION!

What I love about this theme, is that, it tells us that God has equipped and empowered all of us, all we have to do is trust in Him and Go. Whatever that is, just take that leap, have faith….. GO!

To listen to the complete preaching podcasts, click on the link below:

-Go to the Nations 

-Stop and Go Deeper: The Holy Spirit 

-Stop and Go Deeper: If I Don’t Know Who I Am 

-Go to the Needy 

-Go to Your Neighbor 

-Go to the Next Generation 

As I mentioned in the introduction of this blog, Every Nation World Conferences are like a big family reunion. Aside from seeing again old friends, what I love most is the ‘meeting new people’ part. I love meeting new friends who share the same passion to reach out to the world and tell about the love of God. 

(here’s a video recap ^^)

I still remember a year back when they have confirmed that the venue of the 2013 world conference will be in Florida, I haven’t really thought that I will be able to attend, with all the visa requirements and also the expenses. I boldly wrote getting a US visa and attending EN2013 in my faith goal list… and God has been very faithful and provided everything I needed to GO to Florida! After this conference, another faith goal has been added. 2016, on the next conference—-> IT IS TIME FOR AFRICA!!!! …yey! I can’t wait anymore! 

(Check out the video teaser of the Every Nation 2016 World Conference!..EXCITING!)


Event and Travel Blog: #GO! EN2013 World Conference

Every Nation World Conference 2013

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  1. Hi Kenneth! I was searching for EN conference and found your blog/post haha so nice! Wish I can come to EN's conference 2016. One of my faith goals since 2014