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#TheTravelingJournalProject: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

I must admit, I felt so envious with the traveling journal after getting a message from its current keeper, Ingvild, that the journal is now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Her message was (and accompanied by the photo below): 

We have had an incredible week in Rio de Janeiro! Samba, football, Rock in Rio-festival, Copacabana beach and of course Jesus Christ the Redeemer! #TheTravelingJournalProject”

Brazil is part of my ‘must see’ bucket list, although there is a part of me that is a bit scared with some of the stories that I heard/read from travel blogs, movies and even from my cabin friends who had the opportunity to visit Rio….but the city is too beautiful to cross out, and besides, I heard the same stories for NY, Paris, UAE and even the Philippines, and all I got are good memories from it.

As I follow the Brazilian adventure of #TheTravelingJournalProject’s current keeper, my love for this city grew more and more.

She shared the beginning of their trip with this:

 ”Vi startet den første dagen med å besøke Jesus-statuen som omfavner byen i sine armer fra toppen av Rio, og fikk se en fantastisk utsikt over hele byen. Her kunne vi skimte fotballstadionen Maracana, de lange strendene, favellaene og alt som ellers rører seg i gatene.”

(We started the first day visiting the Jesus statue that embraces the city in his arms from the top of the Rio, and saw an amazing view of the city. Here we glimpse the Maracana soccer stadium, the long beaches, favellaene and everything else going on in the streets.)

Clearly, they really had a lot of fun in the land of beach,football, party and beautiful people!

You can check their complete Brazil blog here or just go through their blog site at www.yolotrip.wordpress.com. (again, it is in Norwegian so try using google translate app. to understand—if you can’t speak Norwegian of course.)


#TheTravelingJournalProject: Welcome to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

The Traveling Journal Project : Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

Trip to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!

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