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#TheTravelingJournalProject: Zanzibar, Tanzania East Africa

We received this photo from the current Traveling Journal Project keeper a few weeks ago. 

It was amazing to know that from South America, #The Traveling Journal Project is now in  Africa.

Here’s a note from the keeper:

"Your journal is now in Africa, and we have had some great days relaxing on the beach in Zanzibar in Tanzania. Next stop is Serengeti Nationalpark. #TheTravelingJournalProject”

And as I continue reading their adventure in Zanzibar, I started taking notes on what I can do when I finally decided to visit this place.

Here’s a quick note from their blog, along with other photographs of their trip.

…..When we got to the north side of the island, we checked into a beautiful hotel with wonderful sea views. Beforehand we had bought costumes for tonight’s masquerade party was to dress up each other in various themes. Ingvild was the lucky winner of the 80’s, and others had the theme "lady in red. Dress party going on an African sailboat and we sailed away on the ocean wave!….

…Early the next morning we were ready to explore the exciting world lurking beneath the water between Zanzibar’s colorful coral reefs. We found the front fins and diving masks, and were ready for a day of snorkeling.”

Such a wonderful serene adventure. Can’t wait for the next update.

To check out the full blog of the current keepers click on this link: www.yolotrip.wordpress.com

If you are thinking of going on an adventure to Tanzania, The Lonely Planet Traveller Middle East along with Wild Guanabana are arranging a tailored trip this coming February 2014. Check out this post in their FB page: Fancy holidaying with Lonely Planet Traveller and WILD GUANABANA - Life Changing Journeys?


#TheTravelingJournalProject: Zanzibar, Tanzania East Africa

The Traveling Journal Project: Zanzibar, Tanzania East Africa

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