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Bloggers In The City: Our First Bloggers Night!

Growing up, I never thought that I will become a blogger, I hate writing and English, not being my mother tongue made it very challenging. I am not one of those people who are confident with their grammar and word play, but I love to tell stories and my imagination is a bit playful.  During college, amazingly and I must say very controversial, I got good scores with my essays (naks)!

Then I started blogging!…………

I love putting my thoughts into words and I realized then I don’t need to be afraid of it, just narrate it the way I am conversing with a friend (yes you!).  I got fond of blogging, first it was in multiply, then I created a  Tumblr account and in the near future, I am planning to self host a blog which will be www.TheTravelingJournalProject.com (not live yet).

With this new love for blogging that I found, I got a chance to meet amazing people in the blogsphere, and last Saturday I met some amazing bloggers over dinner at Expiatriatewife’s  beautiful house.

I got very anxious on how this night will turn out. I can say that I am a very sociable guy but deep inside there is this shy guy who just wants to be alone….and blog my thoughts out.   

We were asked to bring food from our native countries. Along with other Filipino bloggers we chipped-in and brought kare kare, relyenong bangus and leche flan. Others brought some sweets (sago from Malaysia), brownies, cream puffs and some vegetables with dips……oooh I almost forgot the wine and cheese which I think I got a handful of serving.


Our delish appetizer by Expiatriatewife’s


Our feast for the night!!!

It was fun to hear stories of every blogger who participated…Most of us have the same struggles and fears (I am talking about computer stuff here), like HTML, CSS Coding, SEO..Adverts..these are things that are (and still) very daunting to most of us. Good thing Mitziemee (aka superwoman) was there to help us understand some of these.

Other stuff we discussed was how  we manage our time when we blog, some issues and ethics when it comes to sponsored blogs…and the most controversial one: “Does your husband/wife support your blog?”…juicy!


Good laughs and a supportive blogger group. I think I will get use to this. ^^.  I am very much excited on what’s ahead for us in the future. Dubai blogger scene is really getting a lot of attention for the past year, 2014 will be awesome for sure…..PARTY!!!!!!


(photo from http://mitziemeeblog.com)

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Blog referencese taken from: http://mitziemeeblog.com


Bloggers In The City: Our First Bloggers Night!

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